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Donny Dust is a Marine Corps Veteran of 12 years of service with an honorable discharge in 2011. He is now a world wide expert in remote primitive survival, emergency preparedness and ancient/historical technologies.

He has taken his time in service and days living among the wild landscapes of the world to offer one of a kind presentations on resiliency, leadership and communication. No other person has such a diverse background to leverage when providing his one-of-a kind presentations.

He has authored books, worked on feature films as a technical consultant, took part indifferent network television programs, conducted numerous podcasts and radio appearances as well has spoken in-front of  crowds who traveled far and near to hear him speak. Known as the "Professional Caveman" Donny is nothing but professional, adventurous and creative.

Donny runs a successful wilderness self-reliance and survival school called Paleo Tracks Survival, Colorado Springs premier survival and wilderness self-reliance school. His expertise draws clients from as far as Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia and South America.

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