Age...Just a Number

I turned 40 yesterday. I had lots of birthday wishes and greetings, but I thought I would have had more people say, "you're over the hill," "welcome to the old farts club" and "welcome to the glory days".  That seems not to be the case for some reason. I remember attending my uncles 40th Birthday party years ago and the old fart jokes seemed to be the thing of that time. that was the entire theme of the party, being an old fart. I truly believe that this is due to people in their 40's, 50's and into their 60's are active far longer into the "Golden Years". Pretty much, they are hardcore and still going at it.

My own mother walks miles every morning with a girlfriend and is on the go constantly. My father plays on the seniors softball team, something called pickle ball and they are both part of the Adventure Hiking Club. The are approaching their 70's in a few years. So, is age just a number? Can we change our physical feeling of age just by thinking you are younger? Can a person in their 40's still live and do the same things as they did in their 20's and 30's?

I think so. I have always been active and know, at the age of 40 I will always be active or until I drop dead from a heart attack...ha ha, that's funny! To answer the question, is age just a number...I think it is. I think we can give up on life or we can keep going to the end. We only have one guarantee in life and that is death. It's without a doubt the one thing we all have in common. Knowing that, why not dismiss the age designation and BE AS YOU FEEL. Be how and what you feel. Stop dreaming and start doing! Stop saying one day when I am older, because guess what? You are already older no matter your age. If you want to fly to Paris on a it! If you feel the desire to write a book...start writing! If you want to walk across Australia...pack your bags!

Age is just a number, because three days ago when I was 39, I felt no different than how I feel today. When I was 33, I was still running naked in the mountains, drinking from streams and living life to my own rules...and I am still doing it at 40 years old. No more people! No more should you feel your age. Just be your own spirit, your own freedom and your own journey. Like I said before, death is a guarantee. Its what we have in common, but we get to decide what happens from now until then. Live your best life. See you in the bush!

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