Earthroamer-Let Curiosity Guide You

People first heard the term Earthroaming in my book, Scavenger-A Primal Approach to Lifestyle Change, published in November of 2018. In Scavenger, Earthroaming was a key method of outdoor exploration that aided in my heart attack recovery. It was an essential aspect of my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Earthroaming, was and is a popular concept I discussed in Scavenger and a topic that people wanted to know more about. On a monthly basis, the emails I receive, and the topics associated with those emails are typically about flintknapping, classes I offer and Earthroaming. So, to best answer all those Earthroaming questions I decided to write a book all about Earthroaming and share it with the world.

Earthroamer – Let Curiosity Guide You, is the latest book I published dedicated to my Earthroaming methods, applications and best practices. It’s a book that will confront and challenge common methods to outdoor travel, adventure and experiences. However, this is my book on Earthroaming; my methods and approaches that I personally utilize, having developed over years of outdoor exploration (clink cover photo to buy print version).

Earthroamer will challenge and dismantle the common myths associated within the survival, bushcraft and primitive skills communities. Earthroamer will teach you “how” to think about outdoor adventuring, not “what” to think. This book, I hope, becomes a foundation stone for adventurers, thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. In Earthroaming, I give accounts from previous Earthroams and share specific knowledge, skills and abilities to enable all readers in their future Earthroaming efforts.

The need to Earthroam is a feeling that every person will experience at some point in their life, but that feeling is often suppressed and disregarded with little understanding of its true intent. Earthroaming is a natural draw to get lost, be free and live wild. It’s a feeling that draws you to the wild places, the natural world and her vast open spaces. I have spent most of my life Earthroaming and established the guiding principles of its application.

Bottomline, Earthroaimng is A way, not THE way to experience the outdoors. However, its my way. Its something I built, promote and hope others find value in its ideas, applications and methods. This book is for you. Its for the bushcrafter that hopes to lose some of the “stuff” in their pack. Its for the survivalist that wants to establish their own rules and ways to “survive” in the wilds. Lastly, Earthroamer is for the primitive skills practitioner that wants to put their lifelong, learned skills into a real-world living situation. Earthromaing is for anyone who wants to live free, wild and with real adventure. See you in the bush! (click cover photo to buy e-version)

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