Eat Like An Animal

This is the blog post I have been wanting to do for some time and I can tell you it took me 35 days to write. Why, you may ask? First, let me explain that this is just a teaser! Much more information will come through my YouTube Channel, Donny Dusts Palero Tracks Adventures at a later date. I am also writing a significant article on this topic that will be published in a well known bushcraft and survival magazine this summer. Here goes...

For the past 35 days I have only consumed meat. Some call it the Carnivore Diet and some call it the Meat Eater Diet, but I call it the MOD - Meat Only Diet. With the growing popularity of the Carnivore Diet, very little information is available to the public. Very little medical research has been conducted as well. So, there are many unknowns, but one thing remains; eggs, milk and basically anything that can come from an animal is an option to eat in the Carnivore Diet. During my 35 Day MOD, I however, chose only to eat meat. Cultures from all around the world and through history have consumed only animal products (meat, milk, eggs) and did rather well in life and in health. I wanted to see how well my body would do if I was to live the same way as I normally do, but only consume animal flesh and organ meats.

During my 35 Day MOD, I did not consume any grains, pastas, vegetables, sugars, fruits, dairy or eggs. I only consumed meat. Of the meat I consumed 50% was store bought or from a butcher and the other 50% was hunted. Of the 50% that was store bought and from the butcher, 25% was organ meats; specifically liver, heart and tripe. While the other 25% was flesh from cattle, lamb, elk, Cornish hens, chicken, salmon and pork. The 50% that was hunted consisted of elk, mule deer, quail, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, dove and raccoon. Lastly, from the store bought or butchered meats, about 5%-10% were consumed raw; mainly liver, heart and beef.

During the MOD I consulted with a doctor routinely, took my blood pressure daily, monitored my oxygen levels and pulse rate. I exercised daily through strenuous hiking, running, weight lifting and for the most part maintained my normal daily physical activities. I did not consume any alcohol, nor did I consume any beverages aside from water and teas.

The idea behind this 35 Day MOD was to do one thing and that was to see how my body reacted. As much as I would like to lay out those details, I will only share this with you. I lost 10 pounds (did not have much to lose), did not get sick, slept amazing and some joint related ailments vanished. Also, at times I have gastrointestinal issues when I eat any type of grains or processed foods. During this 35 Day MOD, not a single issue of anysort (eliminated them completely). I felt amazing and can attest that this MOD is something I will continue to do into the future.

The actual execution and how I did my 35 Day MOD is what I will provide in an upcoming YouTube video series. I will also read from my “Meat Journal” discussing some specific events like bathroom routines, muscle gain, mental clarity, financial requirements, emotional focus, sex drive and overall health after I stopped consuming only meat.

I stopped the MOD six days ago, but I am maintaining my current activity levels and will eat a more modern diet to see how my body fluctuates back to “societal eating habits”. I want to see how my body reacts with some greens, fruits and grains. I am excited to have two contrasting diets or eating lifestyles, and the data and information that comes along with it. I believe it will provide valuable information to others and help me determine my own food lifestyle moving forward into my early 40’s.

It’s also important to add, three years ago I had a massive heart attack that nearly ended my life. I did have some cardiovascular concerns with this MOD, but the ticker is strong and still working. My blood pressure actually dropped a few points. No more! That’s it for now. If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, Donny Dust’s Paleo Tracks Adventures now is the time. Subscribe, like, share and be sure to turn on new video notifications so you can be the first to watch my 35 Day MOD and learn how I got it done! See you in the bush!

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