I Don't Think About It

For some time people have been sending letters, direct messages, texts and phone calls (yes...people call...my number is listed) with one common question and query. What's that question you ask? What is that mysterious query into my life and adventures? Here goes...How do you do it? Crazy right! "How do you do it" is the common question into my happenings. It stems from people seeing the lifestyle I live, the adventures I have and my day to day. They want to know how I do it. So, with a simple answer I reply with...I just do it.

I think my life is pretty normal for the most part, but most people are fascinated with aspects of my life. I guess it would stem from living and roaming around the mountains of Colorado, writing and publishing books, working on film sets, providing motivational speeches, being a dad and pretty much doing what it is I want to do when I want to do it. My answer is pretty simple...I just do it. I think my life is about adventure and my attitude that every opportunity is an adventure...so I do it. I don't worry about what other people think and I do it. I hope "it" brings new lessons and experiences and I do it.

I don't worry about what the future holds and focus on that moment and I do it. I cant worry about the "what if" type question. Too many people miss out on amazing experiences because of the worry, doubt and anxiety. I just do it and if it was the wrong decision and trust me there has been some wrong choices along the way...oh well! Did I learn something? Did I walk away with a new perspective? Did I grow as a man, father and human? If I can answer yes to those then I don't think it was a bad experience at all. Bottom-line...just do it, get it done, pull the trigger, full steam ahead...whatever catch phrase you have to use, use it! Just get it done and do it. That's my secret formula. I don't procrastinate, I don't stress, I don't worry, I don't doubt...I just do it! See you in the bush!

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