In Four Months

I want to paint a hypothetical scenario for you all to think about. This is not to scare you or push you in a direction of panic or fear, but a direction of consideration and reality. Again, this is a hypothetical scenario. Imagine in four months all that we hold as a value in our lives is gone. Our day to day routines are no more. Our daily and frequented relationships are a long-forgotten memory.

What If the ability to buy groceries, drive your car, walk to the local park, order goods from Amazon, visit your favorite museum, travel to your loved ones in a neighboring state, order food from your favorite restaurant are no longer possible? What if your pattern of life has shifted from one of access to all, variety of choice and freedom of movement to a life of limitations, restrictions and isolation?

By now I am sure most of you are understanding my hypothetical scenario of complete lock down, locked in and locked up to avoid the spreading of the Corona Virus is something that is likely. Is this a true possibility? Is this something that local state and federal governments can institute? The answer is yes. Is it likely these preventative steps ensue or become our new pattern of life in the upcoming days, weeks or months? Is this our future? To some extent, these things are already happening. Restaurants have closed all in facility dinning, museums are shut, tattoo parlors closed, salons vacant, and American schools are turning to online/e-learning in the upcoming days. Yosemite National Park in California closed, eliminating all and any access to tourists.

Its safe to say that during the initial days of the Corona Virus pandemic, people did not believe that schools would close, restaurants would have dining room restrictions and a shortage of food and services would be an issue. However, all these simple and overlooked attitudes have come to fruition. The reported cases, and I mean the true reported cases of the sick and dead are increasing every day. Countries around the world are in full lockdown mode or in a pattern of immense restriction. Why do we in The United States believe it’s not going to happen to us?

We can clearly see that areas around the world like China, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea, Switzerland and United Kingdom are leading the way in active, recovered and fatal cases. I nearly forgot, The United States is forth in ranking as China is first with 81,000 confirmed cases, Italy with 53,000 confirmed cases, Spain with 25,500 confirmed cases and the good old United States with 25,400 confirmed cases. Countries like Spain and Italy are publicly announcing that, “the worst is yet to come”. Even now, in the United States all Corona Virus testing is strictly reserved for health care workers and patients admitted to health care services.

How hypothetical is my scenario? Is it safe to say that in four months or even sooner my hypothetical scenario becomes real? A new reality of total lock down to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. I think so. For some who have prepared, it will be a safe, secure and prosperous waiting game. For those who have not, it will be one of fear, frustration and panic. To eliminate some of this fear, frustration and panic, I have included two of my best “Quick Preps” to help you tackle the upcoming fear, frustration and panic. I want to add that these two “Quick Preps” do not include food, water and cleaning aids. Food, water and cleaning aids could be an entire blog post by itself and I do not want to go down that rabbit whole. I want to share what I assess to be the most overlooked of all.

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements. These are essential for immunity support, stress relief, digestion, mental focus and overall health. Why, I stress vitamins during these days of isolation are simple? People are not purchasing foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, fresh fish, and mushrooms. A healthy diet is slowly slipping out of Americas future. The stock piling of long-lasting foods, processed foods, canned foods and boxed frozen foods are the current plan of action, and these are typical lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. Most of the food people are stock piling are not going to maintain, reinforce or even establish healthy months of isolation diets. Essential vitamins and mineral supplements are the key for isolated health.

Vitamin and mineral supplements can help replace and add essential vitamins and minerals in an already lacking healthy diet. I purchase Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Calcium, Chromium, Folic Acid and Iron. A good multivitamin based on age and sex can make all the difference in overall health. A multivitamin can fill the “gaps” in a person lock down diet, a lock down diet high in processed and canned foods.

First Aid Kit and Medications: A good first aid kit, with backup supplies can help you avoid an unnecessary visit to the ER/doctor’s office, eliminating needless exposure to potential people who are sick or carrying the Corona Virus. A few essentials are wound care (band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, anti-infection cream), ace bandages and sports tap do a good job of compressing a new injury or inflammation and help keep swelling down. First aid supplies that can stop bleeding, protect a wound from infection and allow for cleaning of wound/bandages are essential.

Creams for rashes/ringworms/skin irritations are essential and typically can be treated in home over a few days. Natural muscle relaxers can help with acute chronic pain. Essential oils are a nice extra as many have a more holistic approach and can help sooth headaches and anxiety through olfactory function. Over the counter medications should be broad in treatment and not stockpiled. Fever reducers and mucus relief are great for seasonal cold and flu symptoms. Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Tylenol type medications are great for pain management and discomfort. Gastrointestinal relief medications are great to battle “gut rot” and other GI issues. Bottom line, first aid supplies can save lives, reduce infections and the severity of injuries. More importantly it can eliminate possible exposure to corona virus through home treatment.

It may seem silly to mention Vitamin Supplements and First Aid Kits, but both are directly tied to your physical wellbeing. Both correlate to you having to break your lock down isolation, to seek help to treat a sickness or injury. If you must leave your house, and find yourself around other people, your probability of exposure to the Corina Virus increases. That’s a fact. People carry the virus and share the virus.

Is it likely in the next four months the world is going to change to a much harsher reality? In four months are we going to have to adapt to a new pattern of life? In four months will our bodies be a risk from all sickness and injury? We know the answers to these questions to be yes. Let’s take an active stance to first care for ourselves and family members through isolation, social distancing and quarantine; followed with proper supplemental nutritional health and preventative safety actions. We can eliminate exposure through personal proper health and safety practices. Take multi vitamins to fill nutritional gaps and learn some basic home first aid. These two actions will truly help you avoid unnecessary exposure to potential Corona Virus carrying people at hospitals, emergency rooms and doctor offices.

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