Paleo Tracks Survival 2020 Vision

t's out...the Paleo Tracks Survival course offerings. This year will be a little different compared to some of the past ones. I am only offering six scheduled classes. Of the six I am offering some 3 day, 5 day and 10 day Primitive Survival/Hunter Gatherer Courses and one Stone Age Technologies course. Why so few? That's a question I get often, but in order to explain this I need to provide some background information.

Over the years of teaching I have had several different survival school instructors come to me for private/custom courses to build upon their current level of knowledge. Some like to keep very secretive about our interactions and ask not to share any photos or info. Additionally, many instructors have come and openly enjoyed discussing our interactions and happenings during courses. What this boils down to is really professional development and opportunities to truly practice what you preach. For Paleo Tracks and myself to bring the best skills, experiences and one of a kind course offerings...I need to head into the bush, find new places and get busy. That's how I learn and have learned for years. I need to make myself better only to give it back to to those who attend my one of a kind course offerings.

My 2020 vision is to bring you the best wilderness self-reliance training that anyone can offer. How I do this? I just go do. I walk, wander and earthroam all around. I take nothing, build everything and live free. I test my abilities through time, geography and tools only to offer YOU all I have learned. I am not a campground survival school. My classes are not pull up, park, and build a bow drill kit. That's easy and anyone can do that. Much success to those who do. I offer a experience. I offer a life journey into the wilds and the unknown only to build your wilderness self reliance. I do this and have done this for years.

How I have truly learned over the years is from real experiences. I lived in jungles with remote peoples, walk the deserts with Bedouins and danced around fires with first nations people. Experiences for me bring knowledge, skills and abilities and from these I can offer much. I only seek out the most unique and knowledgeable to to gain wisdom from. I stay focused, on point and with true curiosity.

All my previous course are very unique and offer a different approach to wilderness self-reliance. My future courses, my 2020 course will continue to be just as inspiring and impacting. When all is said and done, I will have spent time and great effort on myself to bring you the best I have learned. My goal is to ensure your journey is vast, one-of-a kind and something that means more than just a dollar sign. I will give you the best I have to offer because you deserve REAL wilderness self-reliance knowledge from someone practices what he preaches. See you in the bush!

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