Save A Life

Three years ago I pulled a young mother out of her car after a head on collision. Both her wrists were broken, the skin on her forehead had folded over to cover her eyes exposing her skull, she had a femoral hemorrhage that required a tourniquet or run the risk of bleed out and her left collar bone was broken and exposed. As I pushed through the crowd of onlookers and people video tapping doing nothing I quickly went into a lifesaving mode that the military taught me, years of guiding people, years of self drive personal education taught me and the simplest form of education...reading EMS/Emergency Medical Readiness/First Aid books taught me.

I talked to the young mother until paramedics arrived conducting all manner of checks with the help of a nursing student who made her way through the crowd shortly after me. Once back in my car I looked at the blood all over me and a three inch gash across my arm that came from pulling at the driver door to get in to the mother.

A hour or so later I called from the ER explaining to my then wife and parents who were visiting from out of town why I was going to be late for dinner. I got my wound stitched, clothes cleaned and went home.

I never called the hospital or I informed the authorities of my name or my involvement. There was no real time. Time...the young mothers life was of the essence and I was not looking for any high-fives or pats on the back. However, on the news that night I did hear one reporter discuss an accident at a “notoriously busy and dangerous intersection in Colorado Springs” and how the accident today resulted in zero deaths and the young mother who’s child was not in the car, suffered major blood loss, several broken bones but would make a full recovery.

To share, is to learn. With this new year approaching learn first aid, learn CPR, learn how to use an AED (it’s automatic), learn how to save someone’s life. I always this book. See you in the bush!

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