Take Your Life Back

When this blog post publishes, I will be in the bush. Thanks to some fancy delayed “release” options on my blog platform, I can set release dates to my choosing. I wrote this before I left and hope it resonates with you all. So, I will begin with this…there is no time like the present to do what is best for you and makes you happy. I tell myself frequently; “there is no time like the present to do what is best for you and makes you happy.” I often repeat it in my head and aloud, sometimes drawing in curious looks from people when in public, but all the same it is important to say. Why you may ask? It is simple really. Its somewhat one of my life mantras that has given me so much in return but requires extraordinarily little effort in my opinion.

However, this dose not mean I am not responsive to my kids. They are one of my focused happy factors and drive many of my actions; they give me my happy. What this means in the grand scheme is I have eliminated the poisonous people in my life, the toxic habits, the skewed and often debilitating “information” sources and more importantly the unnecessary waste of time doing things that don’t make me happy. I cut it all out and only do what makes me happy. I say “NO” to silly and unnecessary requests, I focus on my internal and external wellness, actively seek out what makes me happy and experience new things to determine if they make me happy or not.

Here is my gift to you, so you can take your life back. It is an easy gift to open; YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING. There is not special recipe for this. Just do it. Get off your ass and make the necessary changes. You already know what they are. If you do not like doing something, why are you doing it? In all seriousness, you are the only one who can make you happy. Trust me when I say this. I am not saying people, places and things cannot make you feel joy and love, but you are the one that make you happy.

If you do not like the partner you are with, leave him or her. If you hate the what see on tv, stop watching it. If you do not like you are eating, drinking, smoking and physical habits, change them. I get it, it can be hard and take time to make change…actually, I do not get it. That is a load of shit, a huge pile of horse shit. You can make the change to do what makes you happy now. Not tomorrow, not three weeks from tomorrow when you get your two weeks of vacation, NOW. Make the changes now.

The problem is people are full of excuses. I call this self-deception! Self-deception is the point you actively lie to yourself about nearly everything. It makes me sick to think about it and I am sure makes you sick all the same. You know when you are lying to yourself, as it is the easiest lie to detect. How many times have you told yourself this one; “I should probably be more active in my life, but it’s so hard with kids, a job, relationships and my responsibilities.” I will not keep beating this dead horse, but you can make the changes that lead to happiness if you clearly identify the poisons, toxic and debilitating things in your life and eliminate them.

I did this a while back and can tell you I feel great. I have no guilty pleasures; I just have pleasures. Why? Because those pleasures make me happy. Why should you ever feel guilty about having pleasures? You should never feel guilty about the pleasures in life! I focus on myself and my happiness factors and that is it. If it does not make me happy, I am not doing it! I a person does not make me happy to be around, I do not go around them. If I perform an action, I do not feel good about later, I do not do it again.

Now that we are here, the end so to speak and you hopefully have a few things to think about and change moving forward. Know this, I am currently sitting in a cave with a small fire burning next to me. I am heating up some pine needle tea, I am resting comfortable on a bed of grass, wrapped up in a wool blanket, relishing the thoughts of the trout I just ate, all while patiently waiting for the stars to show themselves for another night of pure happiness…there is no time like the present to do what is best for you and makes you happy. Live by this simple mantra and see what happens. Find your cave, start the fire and watch the stars…get you some happy and live it!

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