The Caveman Entrepreneur

It sounds funny, but "caveman" were the first entrepreneurs. Simple put, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business that assumes a higher level of financial risk in order to do so. Sure, "finances" were not a thing during our caveman days, but risk was assumed at every turn and every walk of life. An early version of us had much to loose. I like to think that I am still carrying on with the caveman entrepreneur way of life.

I walked away from a six figure job in-order to pursue my own pathways and end states. I left the cave so to speak.I risked much and gave up. comfort, security and so much more that I was totally willing to give up. I hated it. I hated working for someone or something that did not care about life outside an office. It was a strangle. I only did this it at the request of a few people, but it ultimately lead to my emotional death. I decided to branch out much like out like our caveman ancestors and take a chance, start my own and grow as best I could. I did just that. I had no help, no financial backers and no real plan. All I had was what I wanted to be and knew what my end-state looked like. The rest...I would just figure out.

A few years later I have found my pathway across the great expanse of trial and error and find myself constantly growing. From my early business ideas I have drawn inspiration and lessons. From my caveman entrepreneur way of thinking I have been faced with challenges and several success. I am still a business tribe of one, but hope that one day my tribe will grow.

I am not sure where the pathway ends but as an early caveman entrepreneur, I gave up much, got little in return and lost love along the way. What I did find was a true sense of worth, a worthiness that I have never felt before. I have meet amazing people, took part in one-of-a-kind adventures and will never have a regret in my body. Just like our caveman ancestors, I, we are the risk takers that shape the future for all. See you in the bush!

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