The New Years Resolution Scam

It's been a few many of you have stuck to your New Year Resolution? Let's be honest for a second. I don't know of any people, literally zero people who keep their New Year Resolution (NYR) for the entire year. Why? I think its pretty simple really. I chalk it to my outlook on setting goals...goals just like a NYR is a giant waste of time! Its a scam! Why we have them...I have no clue. It might be the start of the calendar year draws people into a "clean slate" mentality and a fresh, new year is the ultimate clean slate. However, trying to loose an extra few pounds, going to the gym everyday or my favorite to eliminating a bad habit is not about a clean slate approach, but about lifestyle change. That's why people on average last between 30-45 days (according to countless unreliable news sources) when attempting to tackle their NYR. People become fixated on the "NYR Goal" of loosing a few pounds and overlook the process of real lifestyle change to obtain it. Its easy to loose a pound or two, but change your lifestyle; diet, nutrition, physical activities, mental health and emotional well being is a recipe for true resolution.

I think the NYR is the acknowledgment of the issues that someone may be facing. Those 10-15 pounds lost might be end state for example, but the macro level changes into ones lifestyle is the real component to the NYR. You must not fixate on the end state, but the process to get there. This is how and why people can be successful. Focused attention to the process or lifestyle change is the concept of execution.

Think of the extremes people go to obtain to achieve the NYR.  A NYR can cause people to over-focus on one thing and neglect the others. Depression and anxiety can quickly follow if a person does not achieve their NYR or fails to make progress along the way. If your NYR is to lose 25 lbs. and be healthier and you’re still puffing on a pack of cigarettes a day, drinking soda and eating cheeseburgers, you could lose even 50 pounds by cutting out the soda and cheeseburgers and still be blind to the cigarettes. NYR cause people to take extremes to achieve that goal. Often times people will conduct unethical or irrational behavior to achieve the NYR. Let's face the truth; lifestyle change is the key to a better you. Cut out the BS NYR this 2020 and focus on macro changes that promote a better you through a healthier lifestyle. You can do it! See you in the bush!

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