Whats in a knife?

Today, more than ever I see people that are involved in bushcraft, survival or primitive skills with some of the most elaborate blades on the market. I am sure everyone has their reason. Maybe the saying, "buy nice or buy twice" applies, but to what extent is a knife no longer a knife but an axe, hatchet or some other chopping tool. Remember the days when our dads and grandfathers would carry a small folding buck knife in their jeans pocket.  That same knife was used to skin out a deer or even filet a fish or two on a family camp out. When is a knife too big? When is a knife really being used as a knife?

Many manufacturers of knives claim to have the best knife for something, but the reality is those knives like all knives do the same thing. However, when you buy a knife that has a ten inch blade you now have a machete. I guess the message is best described as the user defines the blade and not the reverse.

So, if we can influence knife makers to make knives and axe makers to makes axes, it looks like we can go back to the simple folding knives our parents and grandparents used for just about everything. I guess we can call that a real application of knives and blades. Lest keep it simple and effective. I have used the same Condor Canyon Carver for years. Its simple and has about 25 mule deer under it. Clink the link below to check out the Condor Canyon Carver. See you in the bush!

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