Why Writing Makes The Man

I never thought that I would enjoy writing as much as I do. To be honest, growing up it was one of my least favorite subjects in school. I put very little effort into anything that required me to write out my thoughts, ideas and perspectives. However, as I have matured, experienced the world and molded who I wanted to be my perspectives, including my abilities have changed when it comes to writing.

Today I love writing. I might not be the best at it, but I give it a shot whenever I can. I have written books, articles, short stories, blog posts and anything that comes to mind. Writing has given me one thing in particular and that is an outlet. Writing has shaped my approaches to many personal connections with people and has helped define me as a man. I truly believe that a person who writes gives more emotions and feelings in their their written word through the stories, articles, poems and blogs they write. This is the "WHY" in why I believe writing makes than man.

Men, from varying ages are the worst at expressing emotions, feelings and thoughts. For a great deal of time I was one of them. We are! Lets just be honest. Their is a social stigma associated with sharing emotions and especially sharing emotions through writing. To have an 18 year old boy express himself through writing is not typically heard of or mocked by even his parents. That young man would be viewed by his social circle as "weak" or even worse. Its a shame really that men of all ages feel that writing is for pussies or takes away from who you are. Especially when writers are the most long lasting influential people in the world.

To anyone who is reading this; man, woman, teenager, senior citizen if you think I am weak because I write and love doing it...I challenge you to come with me in the bush for a couple of days and see how weak I am. I hunt with ancient weapons, sleep in caves, eat wild foods, walk more miles that grazing animals, have served in combat zones, delivered babies, swam with feeding frenzy sharks, been charged by bears, climbed mountains and pulled victims from car crashes to save their lives...and I write everyday. People who say you are weak are showing you their true weakness. Don't be fooled by the negative influences in your life.

Writing has given me another passion and outlet to express my emotions. I enjoy writing. I live to share my ideas through written word in a time when ideas and thoughts are so easily consumed through video. I believe when people read they consume knowledge and really learn. They connect with the story teller and walk within them. Writing is the way to express feeling and emotions...especially mine. Men today need to write. They need to have an outlet that can be shared with who they choose, when they choose and how they choose. Journal, blog, write short stories, write poems, write song lyrics, write anything and growth happens. Men of all ages need to write daily. Write for your health. Write for your family. Share all that you have, because those words will never die. Lets establish a new outlook towards writing. Lets break the social stigma of expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions through written word.

Lets support young old writers as they grow through their sharing. Lets let the 31 year old man understand that he can still be a rugged hunting guide while influencing the world through his poems. Lets embrace the 45 year old police officer who writes every night about the emotional draining services he provides on his blog. Let's support the 17 year old young man who wants to be the next Stephen King, John Grisham or Malcolm Gladwell because through his written word one day he could save lives. Men...start writing! Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and just start writing. See you in the bush!

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